I'm a hot mess at times! Truthfully speaking I don't have it all together, but by golly I'm staying afloat and making things happen-except for that pile of laundry that needs folding. And to make my job  even more busy, I've decided to blog. Really Kinjatta, as if you don't have enough on your plate? Plus writing is cathartic for me and I'm actually excited about joining the blogosphere community. And as a children's picture book writer, I believe this writing format might help to keep my creative juices flowing as well as keep me from getting rusty while waiting on a book to be published.  

This will not be a fancy blog "cuz I aint got time for that!" It will be my way of way of collecting my thoughts, ideas, discoveries-LIFE.... and share them with you. I honestly believe a lot of greatness comes out of the home and I'm looking forward to sharing what comes out of my home with you.  

Thanks for stopping by HomeMatters2!

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