Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What's Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage about?

Lou Lou Mae needs to wear an eye patch, but she's sure people will stare. The strong-willed little girl decides she doesn't need to wear the patch because being blind in her left eye has never stopped her before. But Lou Lou Mae is determined to make her parents happy, so she decides to give her eye patch a makeover. But does she have the courage to wear it in public? Might an unexpected encounter with a classroom visitor help Lou Lou Mae overcome her fear? This story empowers children to work through their specific experiences with physical and emotional challenges. Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage story is for all ages!

From out of this home Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage was written-HomeMatters2!

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When I taught elementary school, teacher read aloud time was one of my most favorite times of the day. I am excited at the thought of reading Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage aloud again to children. Thankfully I get to read to my own children daily, but there at an age now where they enjoy reading independently.

If you'd like to schedule a book reading of Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage please email me at kinjattadobbins@gmail.com or you can contact me through my blog, Kinjattadobbins.blogspot.com.

From out of this home a picture book was written! HomeMatters2!